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Looking for online definition of DF or what DF stands for? DF is listed in the World’s largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

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Learn the Examples of df Command in Linux – EDUCBA


df command is used to give the information about the disk space usage of the input file inside a system and du command gives the actual estimated amount of the disk memory space used up by the given directories or files. We can get the different command options that are available by typing the command man df at the terminal of our Linux system.

df Command in Linux with examples – GeeksforGeeks


Oct 22, 2021

df command in Linux with Examples – GeeksforGeeks


Options for df command : -a, -all : includes pseudo, duplicate and inaccessible file systems. -B, -block-size=SIZE : scales sizes by SIZE before printing them. -h, -human-readable : print sizes in power of 1024. -H, -si: print sizes in power of 1000. -i, -inodes : list inode information instead of block usage.

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By default, the df command shows the disk space in 1-kilobyte blocks and the size of used and available disk space in kilobytes. To display information about disk drives in human-readable format (kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and so on), invoke the df command with the -h option: df -h

Why Numbers from « du -s » and « df » Disagree – IBM


df shows the blocks allocated in the entire file system, including inodes and other meta data. An example sparse file can be created fairly easily. To do so, open the file, seek to a large address, and write some data. This can be demonstrated with the dd command, as follows: Create a regular file. date > notsparse ls -l

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In physics, the dissipation factor (DF) is a measure of loss-rate of energy of a mode of oscillation (mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical) in a dissipative system. It is the reciprocal of quality factor, which represents the « quality » or durability of oscillation. Explanation

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The « disk free » command is a fantastic command-line tool that gives you a quick 30,000-foot view of your filesystem and all mounted disks. It tells you the total disk size, space used, space available, usage percentage, and what partition the disk is mounted on. I recommend pairing it with the -h flag to make the data human-readable.

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