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Estienne definition, a family of French printers, book dealers, and scholars, including especially Hen·ri [ahn-ree], /ɑ̃ˈri/, died 1520; his son, Ro·bert [raw …

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Estienne is a French surname or given name.Notable people with the name include: Surname. Henri Estienne (elder) (died 1521), founder of a French family of scholars and printers Robert Estienne (1503-1559), printer and classical scholar, son of the above . Henri Estienne (1528 or 1531-1598), also known as Henricus Stephanus, printer and classical scholar, son of Robert Estienne

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What is the meaning of the name Estienne? The name Estienne is primarily a male name of French origin that means Crown. A French surname, a form of Etienne (Stephen). People who like the name Estienne also like: Etienne, Landon, Mario, Reza, Denzel, Lander, Emeric, Cosette, Josephine, Amarine, Emerence, Cynthia, Aislinn, Helaine Names like …

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L’École Estienne reçoit tous les ans des étudiants et des enseignants venus de tous les horizons, et c’est une source d’enrichissement réciproque : les regards croisés et les pratiques complémentaires sont précieux dans leur singularité, leur altérité irréductible et pourtant si proche.

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Robert I Estienne (French: ; 1503 – 7 September 1559), known as Robertus Stephanus in Latin and sometimes referred to as Robert Stephens, was a 16th-century printer and classical scholar in Paris.He was the proprietor of the Estienne print shop after the death of his father Henri Estienne, the founder of the Estienne printing firm.Estienne published and republished many classical texts as …

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Estienne synonyms, Estienne pronunciation, Estienne translation, English dictionary definition of Estienne. or n a family of French printers, scholars, and dealers in books, including Henri , ?1460-1520, who founded the printing business in Paris, his son Robert ,…

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Charles Estienne, or Carolus Stephanus, was born in Paris about 1504, the third son of Henri Estienne, the founder of the famous printing dynasty. Having received an excellent education in his family’s home, he showed an early talent in medicine and trained as a physician. When his brother, the noted printer Robert, was forced to move to Geneva …

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Charles Estienne was an early exponent of the science of anatomy in France. Although he remained under the influence of the Galenic tradition of medicine, anatomy, and surgery throughout his distinguished career, he had a significant influence on the scientific revolution and anatomy reformation of the 16th century.

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Robert I Estienne, Estienne also spelled Étienne, Latin Stephanus, (born 1503, Paris, France—died Sept. 7, 1559, Geneva, Switz.), scholar-printer, second son of Henri Estienne, who founded the family printing firm about 1502 in Paris. Robert became head of the firm in 1526, and it was he who adopted the device of the olive tree for his title pages. In 1527-28 he published his first …

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Château d’ Estienne sits on top of a hill, at the heart of our property, with incredible views of the Sierra Foothills Mountain range. Located in a beautiful, charming valley, on Omo Ranch Road in California’s Fair Play AVA, this is the perfect spot to spend time away for creating delicious memories with old-world wines.