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BAC is a producer of plant food, stimulants, plant invigorators and organic fertiliser for organic and other forms of crop cultivation. Over the course of eleven years, BAC has earned a name for itself among the wide range of available products. BAC stands for Biological Activated Cocktail. BAC’s focuses on organic crop cultivation.

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Bukalasa Agricultural College, is a public tertially training institution operated and administered under the Uganda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). It is situated 50 km north of Kampala; it was established by the then Colonial Government in 1929 as a cotton breeding centre.

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Get affordable and flexible financing that makes it easier for you to keep your farm running smoothly. Request Info Summary Competitive rates for a wide range of business expenses: Crop production Equipment Livestock Inventory Vehicles Real estate Irrigation systems And more Repayment terms customized to fit your business’s unique needs

Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta


Following are the officials of Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta heading in respective office. Mr. Rehmat Ali Registrar Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta. Mr. Attaullah Achakzai Controller Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta. Dr. Muhammad Sharif Director Advanced Studies & Research Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta.

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The Department of Agricultural Extension prepares students to overcome farming problems systematically and objectively, and to come up with practical solutions. It seeks to equip students for a wide range of roles in the private sector as well as in public sector. The goal of Agriculture Extension is to improve the quality of our farmers …

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The AGRI-BAC line of products is perfect for landscaping and lawnmowing companies. Providing customers with a shield of protection again common diseases and fungus that can turn a beautiful lawn brown. AGRI-BAC works by introducing safe, positive bacteria into the soil that help with nutrient uptake, root development, and the nitrogen cycle.

Bukalasa Agriculture College – bac.ac.ug


Bukalasa Agricultural College Background Bukalasa Agricultural College is situated 50 km north of Kampala; it was established by the then Colonial Government in 1929 as a cotton breeding centre.

BAC Agriculture Research Reports & Analysis


BAC Agriculture Research Reports & Analysis Established in 2001, BAC Reports provides business research and development services to numerous clients such as strategy planning and management specialists, investors, importers, exporters, and a far more.

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BAC Community Bank is committed to having a website that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you have trouble accessing this site or the information on this site, please contact accessibility@bankbac.com or call 1-877-226-5820. AudioEye Accessibility

Bioconversion & Agricultural Collaborative | Sacramento State


The Bioconversion and Agricultural Collaborative exists to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions at Sacramento State through composting and sustainable agriculture methods. The BAC Yard is a partnership between students, faculty and staff using the campus as a living laboratory. BAC Yard Brochure Composting