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Troyes altarpiece (detail) Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Troyes ( French pronunciation: [tʁwa] ( listen)) is a commune and the capital of the department of Aube in the Grand Est region of north-central France. It is located on the Seine river about 140 km (87 mi) south-east of Paris. Troyes is situated within the Champagne wine region …

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All at once imposing and delicate with its filigree stonework, Troyes’ cathedral is a stellar example of champenoise Gothic architecture. The flamboyant west façade dates from the mid-1500s, while the 114m-long interior is illuminated by a spectacular series of 180 stained-glass windows (13th to 17th centuries) that shine like jewels when it …

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Troyes is the ancient capital of the Champagne-Ardennes region famous for its vineyards and the finest champagne. It lies in the heart of the Aube department in north-central France, approximately 150 km (93 miles) from Paris.. The city centre is aptly shaped like the cork of a champagne bottle with a rectangular outline defined by avenues of trees and a rounded top circled by the River Seine.

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City of Art and History, Troyes is at the heart of the Greater East region in the Aube, 1h30 from Paris and Dijon and 1:15 south of Reims.. historic capital of Champagne, the city of Troyes was inhabited since the Roman times, as evidenced by some remains dating from the first century BC Having experienced many attacks over the following centuries, the city reached its peak in the course of …

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Surprise yourself! Visit Troyes La Champagne…Troyes is a masterpiece in coloured black and white. It is a city on a human scale, rich in its history, its heritage, its terroir and its inhabitants.Between Gothic and Renaissance, the heart of Troyes, which has the characteristic shape of a Champagne cork, still resonates from the time when the city was the Capital of the Counts of Champagne.

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The most popular things to do in Troyes with kids according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Synagogue Rachi Troyes; Eglise Ste-Madeleine; Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière; Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul; Le Coeur de Troyes; See all kid friendly things to do in Troyes on Tripadvisor

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2022. La Maison de Rhodes. 389. from $191/night. 2022. Golden Tulip Troyes. 535. from $69/night. Le Champ Des Oiseaux.

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Troyes est un chef-d’œuvre en noir et blanc colorisé. C’est une cité à taille humaine riche de son histoire, de son patrimoine, de son terroir et de ses habitants.Entre gothique et renaissance, le cœur de Troyes, qui a la forme si caractéristique d’un bouchon de Champagne résonne encore du temps où la cité était Capitale des Comtes de Champagne.

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Then you have the Museum of Hosiery: Troyes was the hosiery capital of France from the 1700s up to the 1960s, and there are both primitive wooden looms and sophisticated machines from the industry’s golden age in the 1800s. 8. Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte. Source: flickr. Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte.

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Troyes is inderdaad een van de rijkste Europese steden op het gebied van ramen, met de aanwezigheid van bijna 9.000 m² van de ramen van alle tijdperken. Tot slot, we waarderen de schoonheid van de hotels Marisy, Mauroy en Petit Louvre, geclassificeerd als een historisch monument, en de afdeling hotel, geklasseerd als historisch monument. …