EN – SKEMA Business School – MSc International Business

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Renata KAMINSKA – Director of the program
Julia MONTEIL-SHUMSKA – Student of the program

00:15 The Pitch
01:38 How does campus selection work? Do we choose at the beginning of the program?
03:09 Since it’s an international program, do we have the opportunity to take language classes?
05:54 Do any of the campuses have specializations or is all the same program?
08:04 Is this master’s appropriate for those of us who want to pursue a more entrepreneurial path and launch our own businesses?
11:13 Why should I chose to study in your University than other schools offering similar program?
14:20 I see soft skills talk about a lot on business leadership panels as a highly valued by employers. How do you develop soft skills in this program?
15:48 Three Words Max
17:14 What level maths should we have for your business program? It’s not my best subject.
19:21 What’s the workload like and what do you expect us to produce for validation?
23:38 What’s the admissions interview like and how can I prepare?
26:11 What are typical career paths graduates take when they complete the degree?
28:42 Does your doing business in Europe track take into account Brexit and other potential changes in EU trade policy?
31:20 The Expert Question
31:29 The Expert Question: Since this program is focused on the internationalization of businesses and teaching nuances geo-cultural nuances in marketing, how would you market differently to Chinese consumers as you would to Brazilians?
35:41 Hi. I’m from Spain and am interested in the Asia track to get a job there after. What’s the alumni network like there and is it useful for finding work in a market like that?
38:12 What’s it like integrating as an international student? Do the foreigners tend to stay together or is it possible make friends with locals?
39:27 Conclusion