EN – Sciences Po – Urban School

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00:24 The Pitch
01:55 Do you accept students with a literature background? Or are you only looking for scientists?
02:43 Are there any hands-on practical application programs in Paris students participate in?
04:42 Do we have to be fluent in French to attend a program in the urban planning school?
05:58 I am a student in communications and public relations, would I lack some basic knowledge that would prevent me from taking the Stratégies territoriales & urbaines (STU) masters degree?
07:09 Paris has a reputation for hanging on to the past and not being very progressive as an urban city. Why would we choose a school based in a city that seems reluctant to change?
10:14 Would the STU masters degree allow me to work in other countries than France?
12:34 I have a master’s in urban planning and work at a firm but am looking to pursue management jobs. How does the executive master of metropolitan governance prepare us?
14:46 Three Words Max
18:03 Do the commissioned capstone projects ever turn into employment for candidates?
21:26 I’m concerned about the urban planning master being shorter than others. Is it the same amount of work in three semesters instead of four?
23:08 I have a question for the student: how was it for you when you arrive in France? Life within the Urban School, facilities, and of course, the city ^^
25:28 How much emphasis is placed on environment and ecological concerns in urban planning and development?
29:10 Is the Urban School a relevant choice of Master if I am interested in Social entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in addition to urban studies?
31:16 The Expert Question
31:26 The Expert Question: What makes the difference between urbanism and urban planning?
35:18 Do any of the capstone projects or research done at the school get implemented in real life?
37:14 Where can we find your alumni?
39:48 Since Paris making a bid for 2024 Olympics, does the subject of planning for this figure at all into the program?
40:57 Conclusion