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Clubs & Associations – IÉSEG


Student associations at IÉSEG are a great way for students to gain experience in team projects, take on responsibilities, acquire relevant professional experience, and of course to pursue hobbies. With over 52 clubs/associations, 750 members and 500 events per year, students have a real opportunity to flourish personally and professionally.

Clubs et associations – IÉSEG


La vie associative de l’IÉSEG offre aux étudiants l’opportunité de réaliser des projets en équipe, de s’initier à la prise de responsabilité, d’aborder le monde professionnel, de pratiquer un sport… La dimension associative est très présente au sein de l’École dans le but de contribuer au développement des étudiants en parallèle de leurs études.

Meet IÉSEG’s Student Associations – IÉSEG


Because of the challenges to be met on a daily basis, it provides a considerable complement to the academic learning offered at IÉSEG. The associative (system) allows student volunteers to develop within a team and to concretely apply some of the concepts studied in class. » Download the IÉSEG Brochure from our website.

Sports – IÉSEG


The IÉSEG Outdoor Association offers exterior athletic activities to IÉSEG students. The association is divided into two main poles: the raid and event poles. The raid pole organizes regular jogging sessions open to everyone each week. This pole encourages students to participate in different regional races. It also organizes the IÉSEG raid.



The Bureau des Jeux or BDJ, the Chess Club and Gaming are associations that aim to promote all types of games at IÉSEG. They are made up of about 10 members who organize different events and tournaments throughout the year.

Entertainement – IÉSEG


Bureau des Jeux – Game Club Chess Club / Gaming The Bureau des Jeux or BDJ , the Chess Club and Gaming are associations that aim to promote all types of games at IÉSEG. They are made up of about 10 members who organize different events and tournaments throughout the year.

Media – IÉSEG – ieseg.fr


Rec This Association aims to promote IÉSEG associations through photography and videos. It highlights mainly the School’s news, as well as its students, via the School’s TV news and newspaper. It follows student, club and associative life, sharing good deals, advice and past experiences with students.

Associations Iéseg school of management Lille, – Gralon


16 Rue d’Esquermes 59000 Lille BDA DES ARTS NOUVEAUX : association à but non lucratif, iéseg school of management, Sein Voir BDA MOZ’ART FOCK’ART Boulevard de Metz 59000 Lille BDA MOZ’ART FOCK’ART : culture, iéseg school of management, La Culture, Sein Voir CHICKS’N’RUN 56 Rue des Stations 59800 Lille CHICKS’N’RUN : iéseg school of management, Sein

Students commit to education for all in Burkina Faso with UNICEF



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Event for alumni — IÉSEG event June 29, 2022 – 07:45 PM Lyon Event for alumni — Networking event June 30, 2022 – 08:00 PM Madrid Event for alumni — Event for students June 30, 2022 – 11:45 PM Courses — Event for alumni July 07, 2022 – 06:00 PM Puteaux Event for alumni — IÉSEG event