What can I do with a degree in public administration?

« First of all, the degree helped me to get where I am because I couldn’t become full time without the degree. The skills, the knowledge assessment and the knowledge checks that I learned while going through Walden helped me to be become more successful not only as an educator but as an instructor in the classroom leading others. […] My goal was to become police chief and go out and finish that up and then work full time as an educator in higher ed. […] So Walden gave me that opportunity to not only go back and elevate myself in law enforcement but it gave me the opportunity to get my degree and to go and become full time associate professor. […] I had such wonderful training that I had received here at Walden and that longevity that I had learned from my management training, from my connections and other resources that had been put together that was given to me by Walden to make me a great individual and I say great because I think all Walden students when they finish are great scholar practitioners. That’s what Walden strives for, pushing you to be better in the community and the degree helped me to get where I am now and I’m so thankful. »