THE SCIENCE OF BEING GREAT | by Wallace D. Wattles (Full Audiobook)

We thank you for your support: Notable Quotes: « …Wallace D. Wattles had it right in 1911. The Science of Getting Rich was the first book of 3 books he released. Wallace D. Wattles was the Man Behind ‘The Secret’ (movie and book), and yet, no one talks about him? His book saved the Author Rhonda Byrne’s life, and put her on a new life trajectory of success and enabled her to help others with those riches.

His books have never been elevated by public media; it is truly esoteric knowledge that has been seemingly suppressed. Wallace D. Wattles did an excellent job of articulating what is to be rich in mind, body, and soul.

Unlike James Allen’s « As A Man Thinketh », Wallace D. Wattles trilogy, i.e. Science of Getting Rich, Science of Being Well, and Science of Being Great, were written in a manner for ‘every man’ to comprehend. A true wordsmith, Wattles presents the information in a way ‘anyone’ can understand and put into practice. »

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1. philosophy of Wallace D. Wattles founded in the US in the early 1900’s which emphasizes how to master the details of the Science of Getting Rich, Being Well, Being Great, and of Winning Love.

« …Wallace D. Wattles lived the pages of the books he wrote, which is exemplary, especially considering the word at hand! He’s the Man behind « The Secret ». Really, new thought is not new, Wattles wrote his books in the early 1900’s! Knowledge should never be suppressed, humankind will advance once we aspire to do so, together, in The Certain Way. »

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