The Art of Visual Perception

This film takes a look at Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga’a research and recent exhibition with Mariano Molina.

Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga works in collaboration with Dr. Sandra Dudley at Museum Studies, Dr. David Barrie, former director of the Art Fund, and Visual Artist Mariano Molina, to study principles of visual perception of art in the museum environment.

There has been historically very little interaction between arts and science, but clearly artists and neuroscientists have complementary knowlege and expertise about visual perception.

Their goal is to link both fields to start understanding, using Eye-tracker recordings and antropological data, the underlying mechanisms involved in the perception of visual art and how these are affected by the museum environment, the available information, and expertise.

This film was produced by External Relations, University of Leicester.

Filmed & Edited by Hayley Evans

This film was shot in 2012 so always check the University of Leicester webpages for latest information and up-to-date terms and conditions