Inner Smile

1. This exercise is usually done while sitting on the edge of the chair. Place your feet flat on the floor. Your back should be straight and at the same time relaxed. Close your eyes, hold the tip of the tongue to the palate. Fold hands as in prayer.

2. Recall the time when you loved or cared about someone or something ( a child, an animal or a plant). Place the picture-memory about the meter away from yoursef. While looking at the picture, you are smiling. Let your forehead be relaxed. Take the energy of love and care in the area between the eyes. Think of it and feel this energy flowing into you from the outside, and then, turning to smile spreading throughout your body.

3. Allow this smiling energy to spread across your face, let it relax facial muscles. Let this smiling energy go down to the neck and fill the throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands, which control the rate of metabolism in your body and bone health. Smile to the thymus, located in the upper part of the chest. This gland controls the immune system. Let the smiling energy go down and fill your heart, kindle it with bright red g lowing fire. Let this fire converts your irritation, short temper into love and joy. Let to flow this smiling energy into the lungs. Let it fill the lungs with white light, transforming the sadness and grief in the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and the realization what is right for you. And at the same time let the white light increase your ability to capture the energy from the air.

Direct the flow of the smiling energy to the right down and fill with it, along with the green light, your liver. This will give the strength to your liver to do better its job of cleaning the body and the coordination of metabolic processes and help it transform your indignation and anger in the acceptance of yourself and others. Let the descending flow of energy along with a smiling yellow light gush to the left, to the spleen, which follows the process of digestion and regulates the formation of blood sugar. Spleen forms blood cells, saturated with the healing smiling yellow light, it converts the inert stereotypical thinking into the mind which is open for all new. Now the smiling energy goes down further with two curving flows and fills the kidneys that filter the blood. As the adrenal glands are getting relaxed a blue-black light fills kidneys and with the relaxation they are transforming fear into a great tenderness.

Now the smiling energy goes even further down. It fills a bladder and sexual organs. From there, the energy flow is directed to the area which is two inches below the navel. This place is the repository of energy. Filling organs with the smiling energy, each time wait for the moment when the body (these organs) start to smile in response. Be sure to wait for the smile in response.

4. Again, move the smiling energy into the forehead, into the space between the eyes. This time it fills your nose and mouth, and then complete the smiling energy flow through the entire gastrointestinal tract. As the energy flows through the gastrointestinal tract, smile to your stomach, to your small and large intestines. When the energy will finish its journey through the digestive tract, send it to the area which is two inches below the navel.

5. And again, for the third time, return the stream of smiling energy into the space between the eyes. Visualizing directly in front of you a clock face, complete nine circular motions clockwise. Then direct the smiling energy in the brain. From there, the smiling energy flows lower down along the spinal column, so that the energy washes all the nerve nodes, and through them soak into each and every part of your body.

As soon as you are filled with the smiling energy from the healing power of infinite love, imagine how your body will begin to generate a smile in the surrounding space, through walls, countries, oceans and continents. Focus on this as long as the entire planet begins to smile with you. Then go back into yourself and explore your body. Check if in some parts you have excess of energy or excessive stress. Bring energy to the the area which is two inches below the navel and feel how it is distributed there to continue to serve you as an inexhaustible source of strength, life and well-being.