How to control your food cost and manage a profitable kitchen to beat your competitors – Part 1

Food cost control is the process whereby you as a business owner control the costs of everything you purchase in as an ingredient and you control the cost of everything that is sold. If you are not in control of any aspect of the food cost, then I guarantee you are leaving money on the table and quite frankly, easy money. There are 7 steps in the food cost control cycle and today were going to look at each one in depth.
1.Forecasting historical usage, like with like, upcoming events in house and locally, storage capabilities, room for error.
2.Ordering Create a purchase order, fax it, email it. Call with po number. Keep all the pos for the receiver
3.Receiving you set the times. Assign a receiving person, order by weight, order by qty, compare to po. Attach deliv
4.Storing You would think this is obvious, but refrigerate, store off the ground, fifo system, control access, key control
5.Cooking/Handling most loss, portion control, recipe card, kitchen bible, trimmings, clear garbage bags
6.Service only issued with docket for all courses, additional items, how do you know its all paid for
7.Receiving Payment at the end of the day, the pos system should match the qty issued from the kitchen
Dont be afraid of the kitchen. Dont let the chef assure you everything is fine in his kitchen ,You need to know if its fine or not, and the only way is by controlling the costs.