How the Tail was Shed?

How the Tail was Shed?

In considering how the tail was shed,
let us examine the following:

There are seven constituent layers in the body:
juice, blood, flesh, fat,
bone, marrow, and sexual vital fluid.

When fat forms, since it is
lighter than blood,
it floats in the blood stream.

And because of the forward motion
of the body, it gradually comes to rest
on the top of the backside of the body.

The fat hardens and becomes bone.

This eventually forms the vertebrae
and regulates the flexibility of movement.

Within the bone, marrow forms,
within the marrow,
sexual vital fluid forms.

So in all living beings,
the vertebral column settles
in the back portion of the body.

We can see this even in creatures
that crawl or walk on four legs.

The fluids rise to the top
and eventually harden.

The marrow formed within the bones
floats to the top of the head
and becomes the brain.

The brain is pure marrow.

When a living being’s back
is horizontal to the earth,
that is, when it is crawling
or walking on four legs,

the flow of the marrow
toward the end of the vertebrae
will continue.

As a result,
the tail comes into being.

But in the evolutionary process,
when the animals start
walking on their hind legs,

as in the case of the ape,
chimpanzee, or gorilla,

the marrow starts to go up
to the top of the head.

The result is that the tail
gradually shrinks and the head
becomes bigger due to the increase
in the volume of the brain.

In the evolutionary process,
over millions of years,
all living beings evolved,
sexually crossed, and changed
into numerous forms and species.

According to ecological settings,
needs, food, efforts, and perseverance,
the limbs were formed
into the required shapes.

When two different species mated,
new species emerged.

This took millions of years to occur.

But finally,
due to this evolutionary process,
man came into the world.

One man was born,
and he produced a family.

In the beginning,
man lived as an animal
in caves or by the riverside.

There was no artificial shelter,
such as a shed or a house.

He had no skills to
change the natural resources
into commodities for an
easier, better life.

At some point in time,
floods, or other natural calamities
scattered men and families
in various directions.

They stayed wherever they
were brought to, and adapted
themselves to the environment.

Millions of years later, the earth itself
split and drifted into
different parts of the world.

As a result,
men were forcibly taken to
different locations.

Now there are five continents
in the world, but originally
they were all joined together
and later split into several parts
with oceans intervening.

In the centre of the earth,
there is a molten core.

If there is even a slight change
of movement in this core,
major changes occur on the
earth’s surface in the form of
quakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on.

As time wore on, in age after age,
man produced thousands of
new commodities and articles
to use in his life.

Languages developed.

In the beginning,
there was only one man.

Now the entire world
community is his family.

So now we all know about
the formation of the universe
of which our earth is a part,
as well as the evolution
of living beings resulting
in the peak achievement, Man.

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