EN – Groupe Léonard de Vinci – MBA Digital Marketing Strategy

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Marie HAIKEL-ELSABETH – MBA DMS Programme Manager

00:15 The Pitch
01:37 What are the MOOCs we follow in the curriculum and what school organizes them?
02:49 What are the most competitive internship offers the school has available for students?
05:06 Digital trends are constantly changing. How does the curriculum reflect those changes?
07:50 Should we have experience in digital market already? I have none and my company is requiring me to get digital training.
11:00 Digital marketing is a very hands-on technical field. Do the professors have experience working in companies?
13:13 What kinds of business cases do we get to work on?
15:22 Three Words Max
16:58 I have a little experience in digital marketing and my weakest area is reporting. How much does analytics and tools figure into classes?
20:11 Will we become specialized in any segment of digital advertising by doing this program?
22:28 Hello. I work in Paris at an ad agency. Is it possible to keep my job while working on the MBA?
24:04 As an international student I could go basically anywhere in the world to do a program like this. What makes your program better than others?
25:46 What’s the international diversity of the cohort like?
28:11 Can you give some examples of assignments and how we validate the courses, please?
30:50 The Expert Question
31:02 The Expert Question: In digital and online marketing, what do you think will be the biggest trends over the next 10 years and how do marketers need to prepare for them?
34:28 Is there an alumni network from the MBA?
35:31 I would really like to launch my own consulting firm when I finish. Does the school have any kind of support for entrepreneurs?
37:18 Being in La Défense, do we get access to companies? Do we visit any?
38:00 Conclusion


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