EN – Grenoble Ecole de Management – MSc International Human Resource Management

Program: MSc International Human Resource Management and Organizational Development

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00:17 The Pitch
01:40 Why study international HR management in France?
03:26 Do we have to take an entire year to complete the final project thesis? Can we go faster?
05:02 What specific traits are you looking for in candidates?
06:40 Studying HR management in France seems like it would give a very European and Wester approach. What about learning for Asian markets?
08:53 Is international experience in the field of HR required before applying?
12:22 What is the most important element you look for in a candidate’s application?
14:04 Do I need to speak French to do this program?
15:31 Three Words Max
16:59 What kinds of jobs can I expect to get with this diploma? Will it qualify me for C-suite positions in the future?
19:08 If I studied life sciences for my bachelor’s am I still eligible to apply?
19:57 I saw that accounting is a component in the program. I am terrible at accounting. How much emphasis does the program put on this?
21:28 How many people apply to this master’s each year and how many do you accept?
22:42 Guest Change
23:25 I’m excited about the broad curriculum offered for the HR management program. Is there a focus placed on any specific area? Or is one thing particularly important?
26:22 Question for the student: What have you liked most about this program? And the least? Why?
28:03 What exactly is Change and Lean Management? Does it have anything to do with Sheryl Sandberg?
29:33 The Expert Question
29:44 The Expert Question: In today’s globalized world where companies become more and more transnational, what is the greatest challenge HR professionals face?
32:27 What kinds of topics are covered in the personal and professional development workshops?
33:48 Can you give me some examples of possible topics for the final project, please? I wasn’t really counting on doing a thesis for business-type master’s.
35:38 What are the serious games? The website mentions them like we should know what they are, but I’ve never heard of this.
38:09 How far does the alumni network reach around the world and do we have access to it as students?
38:44 Conclusion


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