EN – ESC Clermont – MSc Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Sébastien DOUAILLAT – Responsable de Programme – Business Intelligence & Analytics
Paoline MENU – Etudiante en Master spécialisation Business Intelligence & Analytics

00:17 The Pitch
01:36 What proficiency in math do I need to apply to this program? Are there specific math courses I should have taken?
03:04 Is it a full-time program?
06:01 Do you require any professional experience to be accepted?
07:18 What kind of database management tools does this program teach us to use? Do we learn about database creation?
10:49 Hello. Is the required level of English raised, or is level B2 sufficient?
12:11 Big data management and analytics are fairly new as a segmented job. When did you create this program and how has it developed?
15:01 Being in the middle of France and out of big city like Paris where a lot of people speak English seems like a good chance to learn French. Is there time?
15:54 Three Words Max
17:33 What’s the weekly class rhythm of hours spent and class, and how much out of class work is there?
19:09 What made you choose ESC Clermont? What do you like the most about your school?
21:00 What kind of hands-on practical experience do we get working with data?
23:04 Where do grads usually find jobs? Consulting? Analytics firms? Corporations?
24:49 Can you tell me more about your data discovery and data visualization courses, please? Do we learn other ways to illustrate data besides charts?
27:14 How many students are in the group?
27:56 The Expert Question
28:06 The Expert Question: With a degree and expertise in data, where is the most opportunity for young professionals to have the greatest impact and the most career mobility?
30:17 I would really like to work for one of the big tech companies like Google or Facebook. Is it feasible to get these top jobs coming from ESC?
31:22 What kinds of professional exposure do we get? Are there any company visits?
33:29 Do you have any scholarships or financial support for academic excellence?
34:36 Are there student associations for international students? My French isn’t great, so I don’t think I would be able to integrate easily.
36:53 What should I know about the interview? Are there any pre-admissions test involved?
38:02 Conclusion