EN – emlyon business school – MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

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00:14 The Pitch
01:41 How are the Parsons School of Design and London College of Fashion involved in the program? What does the partnership mean for me as a student?
04:18 What’s the difference between this and a general management or business degree? So, how does the luxury aspect change the curriculum?
05:53 What luxury brands and companies does EMLYON have relationships with?
07:55 I missed the Dec. 1 application deadline for the tuition discount. Do you have other options for fee waivers and tuition support?
08:32 What kind of bachelor’s degree should I have? Do I need to have a fashion or business background?
10:17 What kinds of jobs can we expect after graduating?
13:32 Is student housing available through the school?
15:31 Three Words Max
17:42 For the student: What would you change about the program if you had the opportunity?
19:22 What is the grade average you expect from students in order to enter the program? And what is the minimum score needed for the Tage Mage test?
20:38 If we have get a job contract at the end of coursework, can this replace the internship?
22:10 The luxury sector is notoriously picky and hard to get a foot in the door. Does the school help place us?
24:24 I speak French and English fluently. How essential would you say Mandarin is to work in luxury these days?
26:10 Is this program a good fit for me if I want to go into luxury hotels and hospitality, or is it fashion focused?
27:46 Maybe it’s ridiculous to ask, but is there a dress code for class? Like, do we have to wear designer everything? It is a luxury management school after all…
29:17 The Expert Question
29:25 The Expert Question: Fashion isn’t just business as usual. The industry requires a lot more than just knowledge. How do you prepare students for the cut throat competitive world of fashion and luxury?
32:47 My question is for the student: How would you say your perspective on the luxury industry has changed since entering this program?
34:55 What’s the international mix of your student population? What’s the dominant group?
35:53 In choosing where to go the second year, how would compare the New York and London tracks? What are the differences and advantages of each?
37:05 How many grads stay in Asia for work after getting their diploma?
38:21 Conclusion