Carlos SOLER RIPOLLES (MSc Luxury 2016)

IFM’s Master of Science in International Luxury Management is a 15-month graduate program delivered in English. French students are strongly advised to apply for the Fashion, Design & Luxury Management Program.
The objective of this program is to prepare a small group of select students to pursue their careers on an international level, within the global headquarters, regional headquarters, or national subsidiaries of French or other worldwide luxury companies.
This program draws upon IFM’s strength as a unique meeting place for the interaction between management & design.
It gives students:
– a strong foundation in management skills as applied specifically to the luxury sector: marketing, strategy and operations for international markets, with a particular emphasis on distribution and retail management.
– the keys to understand and leverage brand value: luxury branding, communication and digital strategies.
– a profound knowledge of creation: culture of fashion, design and luxury, understanding of the creative process, comprehension of the importance of quality and savoir-faire (know-how) in the luxury industry.
Students will also develop the skills to understand « the French touch » –historical and contemporary references– and will learn French to facilitate communication and cultural understanding.
A rich academic year spent in the heart of Paris, with a particular focus upon leadership and personal development, will give participants a key competitive advantage as they pursue their careers.
Professional opportunities for graduates of this Program are primarily related to international business development, helping to meet the needs of luxury brands as they continue reinforcing their presence across global markets. The roles are in functions such as product and visual merchandising, wholesale and retail management, buying, marketing and communication, digital and CRM.